Client Reviews
She is smart and truly cares about people. She is loving and at the same time can articulate boundaries and good self care. She has helped me immensely and is a blessing in my life.
I want to write pages about this kind, kind, clever lady (did I say kind?)

The trauma informed neuroscience, the academic knowledge and lived experience she brings is more than I ever could have hoped for.

Video calling despite my fears DOES bridge the gap and being able to message her between appointments is the difference sometimes between crisis and coping.

So my 'nutshell' is written but believe me there is a whole forest 🌳🌼🌳 of recovery that Jennifer Kindera is successfully 💪🙏coaching me through. Thank you Jen Jen from my littles.


Jennifer knows her work and is highly effective, compassionate, kind, caring and understands what I need. She’s also an excellent mentor.

Jennifer has been an integral part of my massive growth spurt in recovery work from complex trauma. Doing online coaching allowed me to connect while feeling safe in my own home, under my weighted blanket with my cat on my lap. Jennifer continued to validate with compassion, the thoughts and feelings I was having and taught me the importance of self compassion before self care. Because she is a survivor herself, I didn't feel the need to explain myself and this brought tremendous relief. Although I had been practicing self care, I was missing the awareness and importance of self compassion first. This shifted me in a HUGE way. Through Jennifer's coaching, I have learned to embrace myself just as I am. I learned about ways to eat healthier, awareness of shame, codependency, vulnerability, my own resiliency and affects of complex trauma on the brain. Through her support and guidance, I have found a deeper sense of strength to continue the life long journey of personal growth and acceptance. Forever grateful 🙏💙💚.