Shame Supervision & Consult Group

Coming Soon for CTRC coaches!

Shame is something you are going to encounter in your clients and learning how to help your clients navigate it is vitally important in our work. Trauma & Shame go hand in hand. This group focuses on the impact and subsequent thoughts, feelings and behaviors in our clients that show underlying, pervasive shame.

Diving deeper into the shame material, and navigating our own shame when working with others, helps us to resource ourselves to a counter-shaming mindset. This deepens relationship with clients, and helps us to do our best work. Here are some of the topics we will cover:

  • Do you see patterns where you are activated working with certain clients? That your shame rises up when a client feels shame? Are you having shame reactions internally when something shame-based is discussed t in session? Navigating our own shame as CTRC's enriches the client relationship, and strengthens attunement.
  • Discussion around emotional health, embodiment practices and shame as the master emotion
  • For trauma survivors who go into coaching relationships with a client who has an 'attack other' shame response, getting to the root of that internally and how to handle those situations
  • How toxic, pervasive shame can have us pendulating between multiple shame binds and how to navigate
  • Nurturing the Interpersonal & Intrapersonal Bridge, and what that looks like
  • Parts work is the gateway to the emotions and emotions are the gateway to the parts- learn how to deal with your inner critic while your client is working with theirs
  • Key components to shame work: counter-shaming as a mindset, self-compassion & emotional health

Please note: You may count hours from the Shame Supervision & Consult group towards certification requirements within the IAOTRC. Cohorts for this group meet weekly for a six-week period.

If you’re interested in participating in the Shame Supervision & Consult Group available through Jennifer Kindera LLC, fill out an online inquiry form or contact me directly!