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Trauma Recovery and Healing Shame
Jennifer Kindera, CTRC-S, CHSP, TICC, CLC


As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and Healing Shame Practitioner, my focus is to help clients navigate their internalized shame and potential trauma(s) which are holding them back from living life to their fullest capacity.

I believe we all have what is needed within us to heal, but often need the caring guidance of a helping professional. As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, Instructor for the International Association for Trauma Recovery Coaching and Healing Shame Practitioner, I work one-to-one, and in a group setting, with survivors of physical, sexual, emotional neglect & abuse and with those who have differing levels of shame. Shame can hide beneath the surface, color our thoughts, feelings and actions, and remain unseen. Holding these parts up to the light, honing awareness and self-nurturing, we can untangle the threads of shame that show up in our personal & professional lives, in our parenting, and all other areas. We collaborate to help you work through identifying with your shame story and how it unconsciously feels like part of identity, and learning that it doesn't have to be this way and you can view your world without the shame lens! 


Offering an honest, inclusive, and compassionate space for the unfolding of your life journey, we gently work to unravel the binds of trauma and shame to promote capacity for healing and growth. Together, we will garner tools for daily life and work to come to peace with the past. 


If you are interested in taking that first, sometimes hardest first step, I offer a 30 minute free Discovery Session. If you would be interested in exploring the effect your trauma and/or shame has had on you, and to see how working together can transform toxic, pervasive shame into healthy shame, I would be happy to set up a session. Living our best life is possible when the impact of shame and trauma has been softened and lifted. My practice is entirely virtual, and I look forward to meeting with you!

For more information on my journey, please check out the following podcast from the Trauma Therapist Project


I See you...

Developmental Trauma changes how we see ourselves, our relationships and how we view the world. In exploring the broken core beliefs that our attachment trauma taught us, together we are able to shine light in the dark places to see a brighter future.


I Hear You...

When we have to opportunity to tell our story, the painful pieces that we express can be turned into healing and the release of painful energy. When I listen to my clients and we can pick out the underlying feelings associated with shame, unworthiness and despair and then work on recovery goals to bust through those lies that we believe so deeply it is a profound and incredible experience.


I Care...

The fact that I am also a survivor of multiple traumas, helps me to relate to you and care on a fundamental level. The core of who we are has been effected by trauma. When I first learned how the science supports that trauma causes changes in the brain, I felt so grateful that I wasn't alone. There are others who get it, with understanding and compassion, and you are not alone.


You Matter.

We can be empowered in how we respond to life events. You matter in your world, with your loved ones, in your life. Valuing yourself, learning self-compassion and care, how shame can be healthy and an opportunity for healing, you can begin to deal with issues as they happen with head held high, because YOU matter. 

"Trauma creates change you don't choose.

Healing creates change you do choose."

Michelle Rosenthal

"In Trauma Recovery, we don't pull the weeds from the garden. We simply plant flowers to overpower the weeds."

Bobbi Parish

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