IFS Parts Work

Understanding IFS Parts and Shame Work

In the heart of each person lies a core Self, a center of wisdom, balance, and deep understanding. At Jennifer Kindera Coaching, we honor this truth through Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts and shame work, recognizing the multiplicity of your inner parts and their roles. This approach isn't just about addressing shame; it's about reconnecting with your Self — the compassionate, confident, and calm essence that's always been within you.

Having taken trainings on parts work over the course of the last two years, I now am currently in the official IFS Institute Level 1 training, to be completed in May 2024.

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Unveiling the Multiple Parts Within

IFS Parts Work is a transformative process that sees each individual as a whole made up of several parts. Imagine a symphony within you, where each instrument plays a vital role. Sometimes, these parts carry burdens of shame and past traumas that lead them to blend with your Self, influencing your actions and emotions. By identifying and acknowledging these parts, we can begin to understand their intentions, soothe their fears, and unburden them from past wounds.

IFS Organizes Parts Into Four Categories

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Self Energy:

The Self is made up of the eight C’s, which we’ll explore a little later on.



These parts are proactive protectors that seek to avoid, prevent, or control to protect against danger and risk.



The firefighters are reactive protectors that act in response to threats, whether real or perceived.



Our exiles are generally young parts and are the parts of ourselves that we work hard to withdraw and deny.

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The Role of Shame in Parts Work

Shame often sits at the helm of our internal parts, guiding their actions from the shadows. It’s a feeling that can seize these parts, compelling them to protect you in ways that might no longer serve your best interests. Through IFS, we aim to recognize the presence of shame without allowing it to dictate your life, gently guiding your parts back to a state of healthy functioning within the family system.

Engaging the Eight C's of Self Energy

The Self, in IFS, is your spiritual and emotional core, characterized by the eight C's:









These attributes are inherent to you and remain unharmed by life's adversities. By fostering these qualities, we can observe and interact with our different parts without becoming engulfed by their intense emotions, leading to a harmonious inner life.

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The Journey to Unburdening and Liberation

This journey through IFS and shame work is one of courage and compassion. It takes immense bravery to face the parts of ourselves that are entangled in toxic shame. Together, we'll explore your parts and employ a 'bottom-up' approach, starting with the emotions and sensations in your body. By creating a safe distance between who you are and the shame you've internalized, we invite your parts to express themselves, heal, and ultimately, find freedom.

As we navigate this path, remember that it's not about eradicating shame — it's about transforming it. Healthy shame is about self-compassion, taking responsibility, and embracing vulnerability with humility and discernment. Through Jennifer Kindera Coaching, you will find the support to liberate your parts from toxic shame, allowing you to live fully and authentically. You are brave for considering a life liberated from the bonds of shame, and you don't have to walk this path alone. Reach out, and let's embark on this healing journey together.

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