What is a Trauma Recovery Coach?

A Trauma Recovery Coach is a Mental Health Practitioner trained in working with clients with childhood trauma otherwise known as complex trauma. The difference between Coaching and Therapy is Trauma Recovery Coaches acknowledge the past traumas, and work with the present for each client. Coaches acknowledge a client has been inundated in past traumas, therefore all focus is brought into the present to ensure clients experience a safe environment, and do not experience retraumatization. We acknowledge with gentle curiosity maladaptive coping mechanisms, and unhealthy behaviors that are a result of broken core beliefs that traumas taught our clients. Coaches educate their clients about the effects of Complex Trauma and developmental needs, educate on the neuroscience of trauma, psychoeducation, somatic work, alternate modalities that may be helpful, plus normalize where the client is at, how healing happens, and what growth looks like. Trauma Recovery Coaches believe that the client has what it takes within them, to heal and we help them to see that. Working with the client, Trauma Recovery Coaches create sustainable recovery goals, individualized to fit the client’s needs at the time and assessing as progress is made, how to redefine and achieve what the client wants. We work within the recovery goals and set action steps, identifying obstacles as they arise, and always maintain a safe space for the client to discuss and process where they are at, in the context of a relatable, professional relationship. Coaching empowers the client to solve their own problems, when similar situations arise in their lives. Our aim is to empower our clients to understand what is happening physically, emotionally and mentally, when they repeat behaviors in differing situations, to assess how they want to change, where it started, and how to move forward in a different way. I recognize the unique, complex and specific needs of trauma survivors. Trauma Recovery Coaching is specifically designed to address trauma. The methods, resources and techniques our coaches use are tailored to help our clients recover from the aftereffects of trauma. It is the sole focus of our work.