What is it like to work with a Trauma Recovery Coach?

It is within the context of relationships that we can heal our past traumas. We grow, and excel in an environment with just the right amount of support, education, gentle challenges and encouragement. Learning to understand ourselves is key, how we got here, what happened along the way and having a supportive, caring coach who can help identify objectively the trauma roots, helps the client to help themselves. Trauma Recovery Coaching offers an honest and compassionate space for the unfolding of your healing journey. The goal is to help the client address the issues that inhibit them from living more fully, deeply and with greater satisfaction. We examine at the client’s pace, the broken core beliefs that trauma/abuse teaches so well, and how those are affecting you today. Setting small recovery goals, and succeeding in attaining them, looking at your strengths, highlighting the small victories as well as the big wins, reframing negative narrative to learning opportunities. Clients often report that Trauma Recovery Coaching was the first relationship they felt they could truly trust in. Teaching clients healthy coping skills and tools to stabilize their lives in the short term. We work collaboratively and foster a safe space. Integrating psychoeducation, the neuroscience of trauma, somatic recognition and trigger tools, together we can manage the symptoms of complex trauma, increase awareness and create experiences for growth and healing.