Certified Trauma Specialist Modules


Certified Trauma Specialist Modules

  • Module 1: The Certified Trauma Specialist as a Career

    • Covering the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching Code of Ethics, guiding principles, and overall goals.

    • Introduction to Shame, Codependency & Addiction

  • Module 2: Understanding Trauma

    • Definition of trauma, subtypes, and classifications, including moral injury

    • Parish Trauma Response Model

    • Trauma, Attachment, and Childhood Psychosocial Development

    • Neuroplasticity

  • Module 3: Biology & Trauma

    • Biological Impacts of Trauma on the brain

    • Biological impacts of trauma on the body as a system

    • Intro to Polyvagal Theory: the Autonomic Nervous System and Somatic Trauma Responses including Fear and Shame Adaptation

    • Epigenetics

  • Module 4: Psychological Aftereffects of Trauma

    • Common psychological diagnoses after trauma

    • Common misdiagnoses after trauma

    • An introduction to psychotropic medication

    • Shame and Psychological Aftereffects of Trauma

    • Shame Binds

    • Introduction to Shame Reactions

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  • Module 5: Emotional Aftereffects of Trauma

    • Emotions versus feelings

    • The impact of trauma on emotional development

    • Co-regulation, emotional regulation, and dysregulation

    • Emotional Intelligence and Literacy

    • The Master Emotion of Shame - More Insight

  • Module 6: Relational Aftereffects of Trauma

    • Autonomic Nervous System's regulation of social engagement

    • The Social Engagement System

    • Unhealthy relationship patterns learned during trauma

    • Self-Abandonment, the Interpersonal Bridge and Intrapersonal Bridge

    • Codependency aka 'Love Addiction'

  • Module 7: Multi-focal Aftereffects of Trauma

    • Understanding Healthy & Toxic Shame

    • The Shame Response System

    • De-pathologizing Coping Strategies

    • Understanding trauma responses of internal parts, autonomic nervous system survival states, and shame responses

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  • Module 8: Intergenerational Trauma

    • Understanding Intergenerational Trauma & Multi-generational transmission of shame

    • Introduction to genograms as a tool for understanding intergenerational trauma

    • Multi-generational transmission of shame

    • Codependency & Addition as Adaptive Coping Mechanisms

  • Module 9: Understanding the Multi-Dimensionality of Trauma Survivors

    • Developing the capacity to understand trauma in the context of social, gender, racial, ethnic, and historical frameworks

    • Perception, Bias, & Privilege

    • Creating a Brave, Safe & Accountable Space

    • Trauma & Addiction

    • Shame & Addiction

  • Module 10: Working with Trauma Survivors

    • How to work with trauma survivors safely

    • Developing the capacity to be centered, grounded, and anchored in your work with trauma survivors

    • Relationship rupture & repair

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