Details on Jennifer's Credentials


Details on Jennifer's Credentials as an Instructor Include:

CTRC-S- Certified Trauma Recovery Coach Supervisor- International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching

CHSP- Certified Healing Shame Practitioner- The Center for Healing Shame

TICC- Trauma Informed Certified Coach- Moving the Human Spirit- ICF Accredited

CLC- Certified Life Coach - Certified Life Coach Institute- ICF Accredited

Additional courses that Jennifer has completed:

Trauma Research Foundation - Traumatic Stress Studies

Helping Women Recover (Addiction & Trauma) - Dr. Stephanie Covington

Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies - Linda Thai

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Understanding the Foundations of Trauma and Attachment & Phase-Based Clinical Applications to Promote Healing and Integration of Trauma and Attachment Dysregulation- Lori Gill, The Attachment and Trauma Treatment Center for Healing

Intro to IFS Model, IFS & Polyvagal Theory, Advanced IFS & Polyvagal Theory, The Cycle of Addiction/IFS - Dr. Alexia Rothman

Foundations: Parts Work For Coaches - Lucas Forstmeyer

Working with Exiles - IFS Informed Coaching - Lucas Forstmeyer

Dissociation Made Simple - Dr. Jamie Marich

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